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To view the Interactive Maps, your browser must be able to support JavaScript and allow pop-ups. It is recommended to use one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer versions 5.5 or above, Netscape version 6 or above, Firefox version 2 or above. Other versions of these browsers (or other browsers) may not be compatible with the Internet Map Server software.

To enable Java and JavaScript and pop-ups:
Internet Explorer:
  • "Tools / Internet Options / Security " For JavaScript, click the "Custom Level" button and find the "Scripting" section. Choose to allow scripting. For pop-ups, find a section for "Miscellaneous" and then choose "disable" for the item "Use Pop-up blocker".
  • "Tools / Options / Content" For JavaScript, check the box next to "Enable JavaScript". For pop-ups, you may either uncheck the box next to "Block pop-up windows" or add the address http://ims.wvgs.wvnet.edu in the exceptions section.
  • Check under "Edit, Preferences, Advanced" in Netscape

It is also recommended that your screen resolution be set at 1024 X 768 or more for optimal viewing.

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Download a free web browser: Internet Explorer, or Firefox (Mozilla), or Netscape (Not available after March 1, 2008).

Please view the Interactive Map Help Guide before using the maps!

If you are still experiencing problems getting the maps to display, please let us know and we will try our best to help you out! It may be a problem at our end!

Updated: March 10, 2008

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