Tool Guide

Left-click on a tool to choose. The current tool is highlighted with a red box.

Toggles display of the Layers list or the Legend in the Legend/Layer Frame. Legend is shown for displayed layers only.

Toggles the Overview Map off and on.

Zoom In. Click on the map, or drag by holding down left mouse button to define a zoom box.

Zoom out. Click on center of area to zoom out.

Zoom out to fullest extent of all layers.

Zoom out to fullest extent of active layer only.

Return to last map extent.

Pan. Hold down left mouse button and drag the map over.

Identify. Click on any feature in the Active Layer. Results will be displayed in the Text Frame.

Find. Enter a word (Case sensitive) or number in the box in the Text Frame. Must be used on the Active Layer. Click on a record number to zoom to the feature.

Query. In the Text Frame, choose the field you wish to query and an operator. Enter the desired value to search for (Hint: use the "Get Samples" button for examples of valid values). Click the "Add to Query String" button then the "Execute" button. The selected feature will be shown in the Main Map Frame. For multiple features returned, click on the record number to zoom to the feature. Queries can only be performed on the Active Layer.

Measure. Click on the first point on the Active Layer, then on the second point. The distance between the two points is displayed at the top of the Main Map Frame.

Clears the Selection created by the Identify, Find, or Query tools.

Print. Enter a title for your map, and click the "Create Print Page" button. This puts the current map display into a new window, with a "Printer Friendly" layout, including scale and legend. Use your browser's print button to send to your printer.